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Angela Chumroo  Artist
'Like Footprints in the Sand an Artist Always Leaves a Lasting Impression'©Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo I am an American/Mauritiun Artist who speaks english, french, creole, and hindi also known as Pari D. Chumroo. A few of my artworks are titled in French or Hindi Language. I am a Native American originated from the cold state of Michigan in the USA. I resided on the tropical island of Mauritius for two years and now have returned to the USA. 'When I am being expressive I am chasing rainbows and stealing colors so I can paint that pot of gold'© Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo I credit my grandmother Marie Elizabeth Curtice for inheriting my art talent. I find encouragement through my children, husband, and mother who are my biggest benefactors. I have art pieces in America and in Mauritius. In my grandmothers left hand lies my first painting. I also acquired the use of my left hand from her. Although it does not stop with just that hand. I have the ability to use both. What is also known as being ambidextrous allows my mind to be quite the visionary. Though I have painted various forms of paintings including abstract, portraits, landscape, etc... my passions are abstract and impressionism and I will follow through the rest of my years focusing on this style.
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