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Angela Chumroo  Artist
'Like Footprints in the Sand an Artist Always Leaves a Lasting Impression'©Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo I am an American/Mauritiun Artist who speaks english, french, creole, and hindi also known as Pari D. Chumroo. A few of my artworks are titled in French or Hindi Language. I am a Native American originated from the cold state of Michigan in the USA. I resided on the tropical island of Mauritius for two years and now have returned to the USA. 'When I am being expressive I am chasing rainbows and stealing colors so I can paint that pot of gold'© Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo I credit my grandmother Marie Elizabeth Curtice for inheriting my art talent. I find encouragement through my children, husband, and mother who are my biggest benefactors. I have art pieces in America and in Mauritius. In my grandmothers left hand lies my first painting. I also acquired the use of my left hand from her. Although it does not stop with just that hand. I have the ability to use both. What is also known as being ambidextrous allows my mind to be quite the visionary. Though I have painted various forms of paintings including abstract, portraits, landscape, etc... my passions are abstract and impressionism and I will follow through the rest of my years focusing on this style.
Total Stars: 30
Member Since: April 2012


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  • Cleaning an Old Oil Painting
         8 years ago
      Oil paintings tend to darken due to the accumulation of dirt and yellowing of the protective varnish layer. oil paintings tend to darken due to the accumulation of dirt and yellowing of the protective varnish layer. List of Materials Gainsborough Emulsion Cleaner Gainsborough Varnish Remover Gainsborough Neutralizer Gainsborough Gloss Varnish 6" Wooden Handle Cotton Swabs Surgical Cotton Surgical Gloves Small Plastic Containe  . . .  
  • Who really named it French Toast?
         8 years ago
      This morning I decided to indulge in  some french toast made from french bread. Recollecting an English Lesson I was giving to a french business person from when I was living in Mauritius last year I sneared with laughter from my soul. In the lesson we discussed things in America named after French. French toast came up in the conversation. Without a doubt an English Teacher always wants to have an answer to that question for there students. The golden question   . . .  
  • WWE, My son, and me
         8 years ago
      Last night I was able to break away from my busy life and relax at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan watching the WWE Smackdown Event.         My son as anxious as ever to see them wrestle in person had such a wonderful time.       When the fire came from the ground with a loud bang my son jumped from his chair and grabbed his heart,"Mom they are gonna make my heart stop! That was so cool!"          . . .  
  • How to Price Art
         8 years ago
      It often takes a good amount of time attaining a painting to the phase where you’re appeased with it is strenuous. Concluding a price for it can be more burdensome. Make your art look worthless by pricing to low can be the worst. Not to mention you are most likely going to also lose money rather than make it. On the other hand overprice yourself and you risk never selling anything. Your personality, experience, and stage your art career is at can be good determining factors f  . . .  

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