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By Willie Murphy





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My journey to being debt free

My path towards the freedom, my journey from the debt hell to happy sunshine definitely hasn’t been a smooth one. I didn’t know where to start from, and I wasn’t even aware of what my options were. I was at a complete loss, as to what I should do to get out of the debt problem, I already was in. It was my uncle played the part of the angel who actually helped me get out of the debt hell.

The tactics which I followed in order to pay down my debts and get out of the pressure of handling so much of debt are:

Completely stopped usage of the credit cards – With the proper advice of my uncle, I decided that it would be best for me to completely stop the usage of the credit cards. This helped me in putting some level of control over the debt from increasing. This helped me with paying down the debts. Guide to the Personal Finance Myfin helps you to make the right choice if you need a credit card, a personal loan, or a mortgage.

Sold off the unused items as much as possible – As I was a shopaholic, I already had many such items which weren’t of much use. So, I thought of selling off these items as much as possible. This helped me to get back some money at least, which could be used towards debt pay off.

Prioritized the debts to be paid off – Before starting off with the debt payments, my uncle helped me with prioritizing the different debts, which I owed. This helped me a lot towards deciding as to which debts were to be paid off, beforehand. It proved to be a great step towards achieving the long awaited freedom from debt. This helped me with handling one or two debts at a time, rather than so many at the same time

Opted for credit card consolidation – As I was having troubles in managing so many debts all at once, and as I was learning to manage my debts, I decided that it would be superior for me get my debt consolidated. Credit card debt consolidation indeed helped me solve the debt management problem I was facing. As I was busy searching for job, I did not have all the time for making several debt payments. So, with consolidation, as the interest rate lowered and the number of debts got consolidated into a single large debt, it became much easier for me to handle the debts.

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