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casinosite one1 Asian Games, Martial Arts And Talent Together
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[Asian Games] Martial Arts and Talent Together... Taekwondo's 'Poomsae Team', Which Oscillates Between Moderation and Freedom, Takes Off

Kang Wan-jin and Cha Ye-eun participate in the men's and women's individual competitions... Certified Poomsae/Free Poomsae Combination

When we think of Taekwondo as an international sport, it is easy to think of only sparring. 

However, Poomsae, a 'virtual sparring' that includes the basic movements of attack and defense, also plays a significant role in the 'martial art' called Taekwondo, which has been around for a long time.

The Korean Poomsae national team held its last training at Hangzhou Lin'an Sports Culture Exhibition Center on the afternoon of the 23rd, the opening day of the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Poomsae, which was adopted as an official event for the first time at the 2018 Jakarta/Palembang Games just before, has two gold medals at stake in the men's and women's individual competitions at this competition.

With two gold medals being won in one day on the 24th, the day after the opening, it is expected that Poomsae will boost the morale of the entire Korean athletes, not just the Taekwondo national team.

Our national team, coached by coaches Kim Tae-wan (Hongcheon County Office) and Lee Jae-hee (Kyung Hee University), will feature Kang Wan-jin (Hongcheon County Office) and Cha Ye-eun (Kyung Hee University) in the men's individual event.

Poomsae, which is competed in a stadium measuring 12 meters in width and height, is graded based on the average scores of 5 of the 7 judges, excluding the highest and lowest scores.

In this competition, certified
Poomsae will be used in both the first and second matches from the preliminaries to the quarterfinals, and in the semifinals and finals, one match will be certified Poomsae and two matches will be free Poomsae.

While certified Poomsae is an event in which the prescribed movements are performed most disciplinedly and accurately, free Poomsae involves moving freely to prepared music.

As the various movements unfold in an unpredictable manner, some say that it has injected 'artism' into Taekwondo.

Kang Wan-jin, the 'winner candidate' who won the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games, introduced that Poomsae had both tradition and modernity thanks to being divided into two categories: official and free.

Kang Wan-jin, who met with Yonhap News on this day, said, "Public Poomsae includes 'martial arts'.

It is a commonly referred to traditionality, but it looks angular and feels powerful," and added, "Free Poomsae is flashy.

With music included, each player shows originality and talent. "He compared.

At the same time, he said, "If you enjoy it with background music, the sense of immersion will be great from the viewer's perspective," and said he would like to promote the charm of Poomsae to more people.
Kang Wan-jin showed strong confidence, saying,

"I think my physical condition has improved a lot today.

If I manage my condition well, I will produce good results tomorrow."

He continued, "I haven't come up with anything that could be called a strategy.

I will do it with the mindset that I will definitely win from the first Poomsae," and emphasized, "It is best to achieve a perfect victory in every game."

He added, "I heard that if we win, it could be Korea's first gold medal in this competition.

I don't want to worry about that.

There is also a modern pentathlon women's team event ahead, and I hope to do well there."

Cha Ye-eun, who is trying to win the women's division, said she was more nervous than Kang Wan-jin.

She said, "I am honored to be participating in such a big competition.

I think she will be really happy if she wins a gold medal here."

Cha Ye-eun, a former Taekwondo demonstration team member, introduced herself as a 'free poomsae athlete'.

In fact, it is difficult to find an opponent in this sport, as she took first place in the individual free poomsae event at the Asian Poomsae Championships last year.

Therefore, Cha Ye-eun's first task is to pass the quarterfinals, which are held only as certified Poomsae.

Cha Ye-eun said, "My goal is to focus on certified Poomsae, advance to the semifinals, and then compete in free Poomsae, my main event, from the semifinals."

Cha Ye-eun is no different from Kang Wan-jin in her desire to promote the beauty of her Poomsae.

Cha Ye-eun said emphatically, "When there was only official Poomsae, some people said it was a bit boring, but with the introduction of free Poomsae, it has become more colorful and fun.

It's not that boring, so I hope you'll show a lot of interest."

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