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Elisa Wilson Bugsnax: How To Catch Charmallow
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After receiving a great response from the fans, Bugsnax developers have finally launched the game for PS5 users. Currently, it is among the main games of PS5, and there are plenty of new characters available for players. Every character in Bugsnax has a unique identity. The common thing about Bugsnax characters is that they all are loveable characters. 

In the game, players have to complete tasks to progress their levels. There are certain characters in Bugsnax that only provide tasks to complete. Among several characters, a particular character named Snorpy has a task that players have to complete. To complete the task, players have to capture a wide variety of Bugsnax by using specific tools. After getting the task, players also obtain the tool to finish the task. The major goal for the player in the task is to capture two flaming Charmallows in the woods using the Trip Shot tool.

Charmallow doesn’t just fly but can also shoot fire, which makes it a spicy creature. Because of its specialty, it is quite tough to capture. In the quest, players have to use their minds and try something creative to use the available environmental advantage tool.

After starting the challenge, players need to reach Sugarpine Woods from 4 PM to 4 AM. during this time, the chances of appealing Charmallows are pretty high. You can see plenty of flying there, but the easiest one is flying over a tiny water bed, right behind the Snorpy’s cabin. Use the Trip Shot at the center of the water, and use Snaxscope to find the fighting pattern of Charmallow. Make Charmallow touch the wire, and when it does, it will quickly get into the water, and then you can capture it with your bare hands.

The first major thing players have to do is make a Trip Shot into the water. If you miss this, then Charmallow will use its ability and will set the place on fire. Once the fire has been shot, your traps won’t work, and then you’ll have to follow the same procedure from the beginning. The second preferred location to capture Charmallow is at the northern side of Sugarpine Woods. You can use the launchpad to get there and move left to locate another water area. Even if you are looking for Charmallow at any other place, you’ll have to follow the same procedure to capture it. There’s only one way to capture it, but you can find it in several places.


After capturing Charmallow, players have to get back to Snorpy to get their reward. The rewards could be low at the beginning levels, but higher levels offer some premium rewards to players. Players who are looking to complete the Bugsnax collection should play side missions much as possible.

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