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Neha  Gupta Deciphering The Different Forms Of Lord Shiva
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Probably, there is no other religion in this world other than the Hindu religion which has embodied the divine power in the forms of so many Gods. However, amongst all these Gods, Lord Shiva holds a special place in the eyes of his devotees. Hence, Shiva paintings are one of the most sought-after paintings, if someone besides being an art lover is a true devotee of him too.

Individuals who love buying the paintings of Shiva, must have had observed that there are various forms of Lord Shiva depicted in these paintings. Each of them are a consequence of something or the other. Therefore, in this article we will tell you the meaning of few of the most widely depicted forms of this Hindu deity. Take a look.

•    Bholenath-

Though Lord Shiva is known as the supreme power in Hindu religion, he is still considered by his devotees as someone who is naïve and full of innocence. Hence, he came to be known as Bhole – Innocent and Nath- Person. When it is used in the context of Lord Shiva, it means someone who is both, ignorant and innocent. He is dearly referred by his devotees with this name as it is believed that he is very kind and generous towards his devotees. He gets convinced more easily by the true devotion of individuals and showers them with all his blessings. Apart from this, this form of Lord Shiva also means that he is not affected by the materialistic and worldly things.  He uses his wisdom in minor ways.

•    Nataraja-

This form of the deity is seen in divine Shiva paintings which are mostly hanged in classical dance spaces. Moreover, if there is no painting then you will definitely find a Bronze idol of him. In fact, the chance of seeing a dance room without a Nataraja painting or idol is very rare. The Nataraja form of Lord Shiva depicts the lord in a dancing pose with all of his hands making fragile movements. Besides depicting Shiva with full energy and liveliness, this also depicts his dance as a dance of destruction. It is also considered as a propagator of the fact that one needs to know the language of his body in order to connect with his inner self and soul.

•    Adiyogi-

This is the form of Shiva when he is meditating. This symbolises peace and the importance of meditation. The paintings can be hanged anywhere in the house to promote calmness.

The various forms of Lord Shiva are not just limited to these. There are many other forms like Triambaka, Kalabhairav, Ardhanarishwara, and etcetera. The aforementioned forms along with the ones named here have their own significance in the Hindu mythology and thus Indian art. So, whenever you choose Shiva paintings for your space, don’t choose them solely on the basis of what looks more appeasing. Always try to select the painting which will help you connect more with your inner self.

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