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Harvey Little How Is A Scientific Text Created?
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In our subject, a scientific text is a clear reflection of cultural or social research. You should look for topics yourself from the beginning. The written work that you must complete during your studies is based on each other in terms of requirements and required volume.
The first is seminars and short-term works. Some introductory workshops offer a selection of topics or thematic blocks. As you know, chemistry is also a science, which is why it is so important to understand the related topics. The situation is similar with physics homework help or seminars, when here you need to at least try to highlight one aspect from the main topic.
Within the framework of the dissertation and dissertation, the topic and question should be worked out independently. Here it is desirable to take into account the interests and knowledge gained during the course.

In the absence of your own idea and specific concept, it can be tedious to take on the proposed job without thinking. While studying, there is nothing worse than writing a lengthy article on a topic that does not fit your personal interests and the skills that you have acquired so far. Since you usually follow your chosen field of study for at least six months, and this requires a lot of work, it is best to enjoy the topic chosen at and become seriously interested in it yourself.
The topics of all other scientific publications are developed mainly within the framework of the field of research in which they specialize. You may be motivated by a request (request for articles) from a specialized journal or symposium, as well as your own problems and professional interests.
General tips before looking for a topic
In general, a few tips can help when searching by topic:
a) Through the targeted collection and processing of your own seminar materials and course transcripts, you will gain a good understanding of the various scientific theories and subject areas of the subject during your studies. It also allows you to do my homework for me and identify personal interests that require further study.
b) Topics on which you have already written something and special literature with which you are familiar can often create the basis for new things. It makes sense to consider possible related topics according to your interests.
c) From the beginning of the course, a set of ideas should be created in the form of notes, which record sentences, cross-references, bibliographic and content-related information about books and articles, as well as various thoughts.
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