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Rahul Raghvan How To Calculate Pregnancy Weeks After IVF?
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Uncertain how to calculate pregnancy weeks after IVF? This article can help you out.

This article discusses pregnancy trimester by trimester, common changes that the baby goes through as pregnancy continues and how you can calculate pregnancy weeks and due date either with natural pregnancy or IVF. Alongside, the article also talks about when you need to consult a fertility doctor after IVF.


Pregnancy trimester by trimester

Pregnancy is a long-going process divided into 3 trimesters- first, second and third. Every trimester is a different experience for the woman and she may start to feel changes in her body as her baby develops from embryo to fetus, to a developed healthy baby.

Here is a brief of pregnancy trimesters and how the baby develops week by week, and trimester by trimester.

First trimester

First trimester of pregnancy starts with fertilisation and its implantation around the uterine lining as an embryo. First trimester starts on the woman’s first day of her last period and ends typically at the end of week 13. It is when the baby’s eyes, nose and mouth start to take shape, heart starts to beat and intestines form. Week by week, the embryo develops and evolves into a fetus.

However pregnancy varies from woman to woman, the first trimester of pregnancy is considered the toughest and most uncomfortable. Probably because the woman has a sudden surge in her pregnancy hormones and starts to experience extreme fatigue, sore breasts and vomiting.

Second trimester

Second trimester of pregnancy starts on week 14 and ends by the end of week 27. Now the fetus starts to develop rapidly as the baby develops hearing ability and his or her skeleton starts to harden. During the second trimester, the woman might start feeling kicks and fluttering of the baby. 

Third trimester

Third trimester of pregnancy starts on week 28 and ends by the end of week 40. During the third trimester, the baby’s nails, hair and brain develop completely. Besides, in the final weeks of the third trimester, the baby also starts to put on weight. Third trimester may also go a little further by a week or two, and once the baby is ready, you may go into labor and soon deliver the baby.


Pregnancy due date with natural pregnancy

A pregnancy starts from the first day of your last period or menstrual cycle. In most natural pregnancies, the due date for labor or delivery is on and after week 14, precisely 280 days which sums up to 9 months and 7 days.

However, delivery or due date may be different from woman to woman. A baby will and should only be delivered when he or she is ready and maturely developed. A premature or preterm delivery is when the baby is delivered before 37th week of pregnancy. Oftentimes, a pregnancy may also continue upto 43 weeks and that is pretty much normal, that is usually not a bad sign. 


Pregnancy due date with IVF

Unlike natural pregnancy, pregnancies achieved through assisted conception technologies (ACTs) specifically In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) have a different due date. IVF pregnancies with their own eggs, donor eggs, or donor embryo is 38 weeks from the egg retrieval date.

IVF babies are generally born a bit earlier than naturally conceived babies and may have  a merely lower birth weight than normal. Women conceived through IVF should always consider seeing their gynaecologist or fertility doctor after birth for discussion and precautionary treatment if needed. It’s always advised to choose Grace Fertility, the best IVF centre in Gurgaon for pregnancy consultations and treatments. They have helped over 10-thousand infertile couples successfully conceive and have a healthy baby.


Need help?

If you are doubtful about your IVF pregnancy weeks or due date, you can always consider consulting with the best fertility doctor Dr. Reubina Singh at Grace Fertility in your locality for certainty. It can also be helpful if your baby has low birth weight because you could always discuss the condition and receive the necessary treatment.



This article briefly discussed pregnancy trimester by trimester and how you can calculate pregnancy weeks and due date with both natural and IVF pregnancy. The article also discussed how a fertility doctor can help you post-delivery if your baby has a lower body weight or other birth prematurities.

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