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JASON  CHEN Know How To Shield A Magnetic Field
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A magnet, traveling charged particle or electric current consists of a magnet around them, which an area consisting of a magnetic force that can act on another magnet, traveling charged particle or electric current. When you drop iron filings around the magnet this field is quite evident, and along the lines of this field you will see a certain pattern forming.
In a practical application when a magnetic field of Magnetic Chuck is used, there are instances when an object has to be protected from this field, and this process is done by a procedure called shielding. Shielding material is used, which changes the lines of the magnet. Along a path of least resistance that it creates the material in fact, "conducts" the field lines.

Magnetic Chuck
Therefore, you should not take shielding in its literal meaning, as lines of the magnet are not blocked or stopped, and only their path is altered. For field lines to travel the shielding material offer a low energy pathway, and is a better conductor than air.
Shielding is not a difficult procedure; however, to get the best results one has to consider several factors. Firstly, there should not be sharp corners around the shape of the shield, as lines of the magnet will be resistant to make sharp turns. Therefore, shields in cylindrical and spherical shapes are most effective.

Motor arc Magnets
The size of the shield is the next aspect to consider. To more lines of the Motor arc Magnets a the large shield will be exposed; however, to travel through the shield these lines will not be induced. Usually, in a practical home setting, for shielding the space that is beyond two to three feet from the magnetic source a shield measuring six-foot square would be sufficient.
With layering the material and increasing its thickness the efficacy of the shield is increased. Lastly, there will be a difference in proper alignment of the shield surface. The magnetic field's orientation is affected by the way the shield is placed as it encounters the shield's surface.
Before you start your project on shielding the field, consider all factors, measure the magnetic field and determine the level of attenuation is required.

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