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totosafe guide Kt Submarine Koh Young-Pyo
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Suwon Game Note] kt in advance, Youngpyo Ko in advance, 8th victory  self-congratulatory show... Koh Young-pyo and batters beat SSG and run for  4 consecutive wins < Baseball < 기사본문 - SPOTV

'1 walk per 2 games' kt submarine Koh Young-pyo "throws the game from the first pitch"


Koh Young-pyo, pitcher for kt wiz submarine, has only 9 walks this season.

For three months from April to July, he threw 110⅔ innings in 18 games, which means he only gave up one walk per two games.

Among the pitchers who filled the required innings, the minimum number is less than half of Raul Alcantara (20, Doosan Bears), which is second.

In the first game of August, against Suwon SSG Landers on the 1st, Ko Young-pyo played a reverse fight without a walk. 스포츠토토

Ko Young-pyo led the team's 4-game winning streak by blocking 8 innings with 6 hits, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts and no runs.

As can be seen from the strike rate of 76% (75 strikes, 22 balls), he accurately and boldly threw the ball into the mitt.

He achieved a quality start plus (7 or more innings, 3 earned runs or less) without avoiding a match with the batter, even though he was hit by 4 doubles.

Koh Young-pyo, who has accumulated 9 wins (5 losses) this season, finished the game and explained his own pitching style, saying, “If you give a walk, the number of pitches increases meaninglessly.” did.

Koh Young-pyo said, "As a result, even if a runner goes on base, the number of pitches per inning decreases."

He said that since he is not a fastball pitcher, he pays attention to the movement and pace of the ball.

On this day, Ko Young-pyo's fastball speed ranged from 134 to 141 km per hour, and his changeup was measured at 113 to 122 km per hour.

Koh Young-pyo said, “If you throw it lightly, it can be an easier ball to hit, so I think of the fastball as a game ball from the first pitch and throw it.”

The rhythm has improved, so I look at the corner and throw it.”

On this day, a complete shutout was also a situation that could be expected, but due to the heat, it did not appear in the ninth inning.

Ko Young-pyo said, "In the 8th inning, I couldn't concentrate while dealing with senior Shin-soo Choo.

It was the first time I felt like I was overheated on the mound." He said, 'It's no good,' so I said I'd throw it until this inning."

Over the past two months, kt has risen from the bottom to the 5th, running 1st in win rate (28 wins, 14 losses, 0.667 win rate).

With this victory, we started August in a good mood.

Koh Young-pyo said, “The secret of kt’s rise is that there are fewer ups and downs,” and looked back, saying,

“The lack of joy and excitement was the driving force behind the rise from minus 14 (win-loss difference).”

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Very informative and helping us to learn a lot. We would love to see with regard to what you upload.

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