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Aatech Led LED Lighting - What Is It, And How Does It Work?
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It is important to understand that LED stands for Light Emitting Diode at its most basic level. Essentially, , electroluminescence is the process by which light is produced using a semiconductor in the form of light. In comparison to traditional incandescent lights, the process used by LED Ceiling Light 18W is much more efficient and has a much longer lifetime than the incandescent lights. Since LED lights have a small size and a relatively low operating temperature, they can be used in a wide variety of shapes and forms that are not possible to light with traditional bulbs due to their size and operating temperature.

For those who are looking to switch from old lighting to LED lighting, here is a guide to LED Lighting:

LED Ceiling Light 18W

Perks Of Buying LED Lighting

The following is a brief overview:

It is more than five times more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs, and has a longer life, makes a stronger light, and is more durable than conventional incandescent bulbs. Most LED bulbs use a small amount of electricity, usually between 2 and 10 watts.

In order to determine the brightness of LED lights, they are measured in lumens, not in watts.


There is a higher upfront cost associated with LED lighting fixtures, but they will last for a longer period of time than any other type of lighting.


Due to LEDs’ compact size, they make a very versatile design element, which has made them a very powerful tool for designers and manufacturers to use for creating shapes, silhouettes, and technologies that were simply not possible before.

Cool, not hot: LEDs are energy-efficient lights that convert electricity into light instead of generating heat.


No mercury is used while manufacturing the LEDs.

Slow failure:

Rather than burning out suddenly when a LED Ceiling Light 18W reaches the end of its lifespan, LEDs gradually dim over time due to their lifespan.


There was a time when UGR19 LED Panel Light did not dim like incandescent lights back in the day. but LED lights have come a long way since then. In order to reduce the light output of a fixture, a warm dim option is being added more and more. This feature lowers the color temperature as well as the light output.

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