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totosafe guide NC Starters With Large Internal Gaps
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내부 격차 큰 NC 선발진…'승부수' 태너, 후반기 해결사 될까

NC Starters with Large Internal Gaps… 'The number of Wins' Tanner, Will he Solve the Problem in the Second Half?

The average ERA (3.71) of NC Dinos starting pitchers this season is the second lowest among 10 teams.

Only Doosan Bears (3.70) is on top, and it is ahead of Kiwoom Heroes (3.72) and kt wiz (3.88), who have strong starting pitching power.

However, upon closer inspection, the situation is not so rosy.


There is a 'average trap' hidden in the light of Eric Peddy, who has the league's 1st place in ERA (1.96) and 1st place in wins 토토사이트 (15 wins).

Among NC starting pitchers who played in more than 10 games, Pedi is the only pitcher with an ERA of 4.00 or less.

Taylor Widener, who was released on the 4th, recorded 4.61, and among the native starters, Shin Min-hyuk and Lee Yong-jun recorded 4.02, and Song Myung-ki recorded 5.15.

It is unclear whether left-handed ace Koo Chang-mo, who recorded an ERA of 3.26 in 9 games, will be able to join the team until the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

On the other hand, Doosan has Raul Alcantara (2.34), Kwak Bin (2.69), and Kim Dong-ju (3.51) holding out, and An Woo-jin (2.37) and Ariel Hurado (2.85) remain in Kiwoom without Choi Won-tae.

At kt, Ko Young-pyo (2.51), William Cuevas (3.13), Eom Sang-baek (3.69), and Bae Seong-seong (3.74) firmly support the mound.

A similar context is captured in the records of Quality Start (QS - 3 earned runs in 6 or more starting innings) and Quality Start Plus (QS + - 3 earned runs in 7 or more starting innings), which can gauge the ability of 'Inning Eater'.

NC has achieved QS 35 times this season and is only 7th in the league in this category, and QS+ is only 8 times and is at the bottom.

Even that, Peddy's stake, which has achieved QS 13 times and QS+ 5 times, is absolute.

In the remaining QS, Widener (six times), who is no longer on the team, and Lee Jae-hak (four times), who is currently out with an injury, follow Pedi.

This situation is also the background for NC Dinos to release a widener (11 games, 4 wins, 2 losses, 4.52 ERA) earlier this month and recruit new foreign pitcher Tanner Tully.

So far, Ryu Jin-wook, Kim Young-gyu, Kim Si-hoon, etc. have endured with the power of the bullpen, which boasts the number one team hold (60), but it is judged that a certain 'one-two punch' is needed for the rest of the season and fall baseball.

In his debut against the Hanwha Eagles on the 15th, Tanner received a report card with 6 hits (2 home runs), 4 strikeouts and 3 runs (3 earned) in 6 innings.

He threw 86 total pitches, including 34 fastballs, 29 sliders, 18 changeups and 5 curveballs.

His highest speed was 144 km/h.

Considering the strong impressions that Pedi (5 scoreless innings) and Widener (6 scoreless innings) left in their debut match, this is a result that may leave some regrets.

However, it is impressive that he showed off pitching with 60 strikes and 26 balls.

Attention is focusing on whether Tanner will be able to relieve NC's selection worries in the second half along with Lee Jae-hak, who is expected to return to the first team soon.

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