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eva winget Social Media Calendar Tools To Plan Your Messaging
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A social media calendar tool helps a user stay organized and lets him/her schedule the posts in advance, as consistency is essential on any social media network. A social media calendar makes it possible to track your past performance and analyze so that you can make necessary adjustments to future posts for better results. Social media calendar tools can be of great use to social media marketers. Below is the list worth looking at. Now is the time to take a glance at these.


Loomly is an excellent content planning tool that lets you plan and manage the content. You can get several helpful ideas to create social media posts. It allows you to schedule your posts in advance so that you do not miss a posting date during the busy schedule. It allows you to manage content assets and lets you know which post is performing well. It offers the feature for collaboration so that team can submit comments, flag the post for approval.


Trello is an easy-to-use organizational tool for team collaboration. Trello lets you see which post will be out and when. It includes customizable boards that you can use to plan the details of to-do lists and manage the content calendar. One can customize the board as per their choice. The team can organize the posts for a specific time and on a desired social media platform. You can track your campaign and analyze how well a particular post is performing.


Evernote is a popular note-taking app, but it serves as a content calendar tool also. It lets you track the data of your social media posts. It comes with several customizable templates. Users can take a photo and save it to the Evernote files. In addition to this, you can save the links to Evernote and share the links later when you wish.


Hootsuite comes with an in-built planner tool. With this, a user can create campaigns, check the posting date, and work in collaboration with your team. It lets users schedule posts on social media sites in advance and does not let them miss the posting date during a busy schedule. Users can preview the created content with the help of the Composter tool.


StoryChief is a content calendar with smart features. It lets you plan and post your content on different social media platforms. It shows the timetable and allows you to assign tasks to members of the team. A user can see past posts’ analytics and make relevant changes to the future posts to get better results.


ClearVoice is a tool designed for content planning and creation. You can get helpful ideas for your next posts. ClearVoice offers the features for task management and lets you create and edit a project easily. It includes an easy-to-understand dashboard and editorial calendar with great functionality.


Zerys is a social media content calendar that lets one create posts, publish and promote. One can manage as many projects as possible and plan the keywords and the title. It allows you to track your content planning and does an excellent job of filtering title by project, content type, or client. It can work integrated with HubSpot.


Agorapulse comes with a social publishing feature and is an impressive content calendar. It lets you manage social media accounts. Users can schedule their posts to be posted later. It lets you schedule unlimited posts in advance. Social inbox available on the tool allows you to view interactions from different platforms in a single software.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers various useful features and allows a user to create a content calendar. It lets a team collaborate on a project and track the details of the editorial and social media calendar. It comes with sharing option so that team doesn’t have to face scheduling issues. One can schedule posts on social media sites and view the performance of the posts using the tool.


SproutSocial is an easy-to-use content calendar and excellent publishing tool that allows multiple users to collaborate on the same project. It lets you schedule posts to various popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Optimal Send Times is an in-built tool that helps you analyze social media data. It publishes posts when most of your audience is online.


The tools mentioned above will help you manage your posts on social media platforms. We have mentioned helpful tools and highlighted their features so that you can pick the one that appeals to you.

Eva winget is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2006. As a technical expert, Bella has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites.

Source: Social Media Calendar Tools to Plan Your Messaging


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