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eva winget Sony To Sell Mandalorian-like Virtual Set Displays
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Imagine if a gamer enters a game room that has a large curved screen display. What will happen? Your gaming horizon will increase its scalability. That’s what Sony wants to do with its new Mandalorian Virtual set display. Sony has announced that it is going to launch its modular display screens. According to the Hollywood Reporter, these screens can bring the supercool quotient to the digital movie sets. It becomes vital to understand what makes it acceptable for gamers to use these curved display screens for their gaming experience. Hence, in this edition, there is a discussion on Sony’s new display screen and its application. Sony has featured this setup in the last CES event held in 2020.

What is the Mandalorian Screen Display?

Tech-giant Sony Electronics developed the Mandalorian screen display in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment. The development aim regarding this display screen is that Sony wants to eye in digital media productions. Sony has created an array of crystal LED lines on the modular panels. It is this bunch of panels that ensure the enlargement of the enormous displays. All the panels get connected with a controller. Sony has two sets of display screens as B-series and C-series. The B-series displays have a high brightness (measured in nits), while the C-series displays have a high contrast ratio. For production, B-series screens are more in usage as per Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is because of the anti-reflective coating as a feature present as a matte finish.

What gives an edge to the Mandalorian Screen?

Both the variants of Mandalorian set display – B and C embeds Sony’s X1 crystal LED processor. This processor is also present in the Bravia TVs. The processor enhances the display ability, along with increasing high dynamic range images. It also renders frame rates up to 120 fps. Hence, graphics and animation can build a better entertainment experience. The screens are fanless to let these display screens operate peacefully and do not mix with the audio to add noise. So, all these elements mentioned above make it a perfect and ideal candidate for usage in digital media productions.

Why can one use it for games?

The enriched set of features in Sony’s Mandalorian screen display ensures a more realistic experience. The realistic approach can always help in high-graphics and animated games. The type of frame rate gives smoother movements of animated frames. Apart from this, the curved display will offer a 3D-effect. That’s the one that can amplify any gaming experience. Also, the fanless operation won’t interrupt by giving entry to any noise during the gameplay. However, it also may arise a concern that the fanless operation can heat the screen unless the cool sensing technology is not present. Online gaming can get more vibes with such screens.


Sony’s new Mandalorian display screens have a curved screen that finds its widespread applications in creating and producing digital advertisements and many other media content. The features in the virtual set displays deliver the perfect notion and norms of entertainment. Gamers may find it more exciting to see such a hi-tech screen in their gaming backyard. But, a lot will depend on the price of these screens. Sony has not yet announced the price of the Mandalorian set display. So, for the time being, one should wait till its official launch in the market.

Eva winget is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2006. As a technical expert, Bella has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites.

Source: Sony to Sell Mandalorian-like Virtual Set Displays

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