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Ava Bartell Troubleshoot The Error Code 5, 156, 69 On Canon Printer
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The error code 5,156, 69 on a Canon printer is a standard technical error that may bother a Canon printer user. It hinders the printing tasks. Anyone may get frustrated when the printing process stops in the middle. This error is common on Canon printers, so there is no need to worry when you encounter it. We have explained the step-by-step procedure to troubleshoot the Canon printer error code 5,156, 69. Let’s know about the causes of the error and a quick procedure to fix it.

What are the Basic Reasons for the Error Code 5, 156, 69?

The error code 5, 156, 69 may occur on a user’s Canon printer anytime. Resolving this error code may be quite annoying for some new printer users. The error code 5, 156, 69 can hamper the printing process in the middle, which may be quite irritating. The error code appears when the Canon printer scanner is not functioning correctly. Sometimes, it may occur when there is a loose connection of USB cables that connect your computer to the Canon printer. If you ever face the same technical error, follow the step-by-step procedure to troubleshoot it.

Step-By-Step Procedure to Troubleshoot the Error Code 5, 156, 69

The error code 5, 156, 69 may seem quite annoying when it appears on a Canon printer. To troubleshoot the error code, one can follow the quick and easy steps mentioned below.

Solution 1

We have described the reasons for which it may often occur on a canon printer. Fixing the error code takes neither much time nor effort. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Cancel all print jobs that are in the queue.
  2. Turn off the Canon printer.
  3. Wait for some seconds and let your printing device remain in a stable state.
  4. Plug out the USB cable that is attached to your computer.
  5. Make sure that the USB cable is neither broken nor damaged.
  6. If it is damaged, replace the damaged USB cable with a new one.
  7. Connect it to your Canon printer.
  8. Turn on your printer and check if the error has gone away.

Solution 2

Follow the steps below:

  1. Keep your printer in ready mode.
  2. After that, check if your printers are updated.
  3. If the printer drivers are outdated, update them by uninstalling them.
  4. To download the printer drivers, you may have to visit the official website of Canon.
  5. Download and install them properly to avoid further problems.
  6. After installing these, take a test print. It will fix the issue.

Solution 3

To fix the error code 5, 156, 69, a Canon printer user can follow the mentioned steps:

  1. A Canon printer first needs to turn on his/her Canon printer.
  2. Check if the antivirus program on your computer has been installed correctly.
  3. If you find something wrong with the installation of the antivirus program, install it again.
  4. Before you reinstall the program, make sure you properly uninstall the installed version by going to the Control panel on your computer.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and click Next until the installation is complete.
  6. When the installation is complete, the error code will disappear.


Resolving the Canon printer error code 5, 156, 69 may seem like an uphill task for some. In order to assist the users in troubleshooting the error, we have explained the step-by-step procedure in the article. Anyone can get rid of the error code 5, 156, 69 by following the steps above.



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