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Jing Zhe We Should Hide Understanding And Learning Related Knowledge Of Painting
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Of two kinds of pigments, minerals and chemical synthesis. More than the original paint for mineral pigment, by hand at the end of the ground into a fine, paint, to reconcile. Modern by factory batch production, into the tin pipe, the types of pigment is also increasing. The performance of the paint and the chemical content of relevant, toning, chemistry can make some adverse reaction between pigment. Therefore, know the performance of the paint to give full play to the skills of oil painting works and make same colour over a long period of time.
(2) brush, elastic moderate animal fur, has a sharp edge round, flat front flat shape, flat shape of a short front and kinds of fan and so on.
(3) draw knife, also called a palette knife, made of elastic stalloy, have sharp shape, cone, used for on the palette to make paint, many painters also a ghost with a knife, direct painting with a knife or partially pigment layer is formed on the canvas, texture, increase the expressive force.
(4) the canvas, the standard of the canvas, it is linen cloth or canvas stretched on a wooden frame, plastic or oil mixed with white powder and coating on the surface of cloth is made and be become. Made of oil absorption and has a certain effect of base cloth, or according to creative needs to make half a base of oil absorption or completely oil absorption. The thickness of fabric according to the size of the picture, also need to choose according to the drawing effect.
Some painters had background canvas is used, easy to form a unified picture is tonal, can also be inadvertently reveal the impression when he painted. After besmear bottom manufacture, not oil absorption board or cardboard can be instead of canvas.
(5) glazing oil, usually after finish painting and dry coated gloss oil, maintain gloss, prevent air erosion and fouling.
Those outside the box, the complete oil painting including frame, realistic strong painting, especially the frame to form the viewer horizon line of works, the picture is complete, concentrated, draw the object in the viewer's feeling to our further development. The frame of the thickness, size depends on the work content. Classical oil painting of the casing outside the use made of wood, gesso, more modern oil painting frame made of aluminum alloy of metal materials,
Want to learn hand-painted oil paintings, we should hide understanding and learning related knowledge of painting, such as the classification of oil painting, oil painting materials, such as knowledge, also emphasize the different categories of oil painting painters, painting portraits, for example, the cultured image lifelike, popular, is to be painted "like".
First, you should be prepared professionally produced oil painting canvas, wood (plywood) or oil paper as a medium for painting. (later to introduce the canvas) usually primary learning painting we usually use wood as the medium of painting, painting primarily to students is convenient and easy to modify, we let the students to draw on a plywood directly. In fact wood painting is widespread in the western oil painting, hard texture, it can be used scraper, hard pencil tool such as painting, but also can draw very thick, painting is broken, shoveling painting again, repeatedly, until satisfied.
Oil painting is the medium of paint pigments, for work. It has become a picture in the world. First, it has strong expressive force. For example, it can cover the countless times, can again and again. Second, its color is bright, the saturation is strong, not easy to change color. Third, it can modify repeatedly, a strong plasticity. In particular, it is not like watercolor, gouache, dry quickly, but bad is not easy to modify.
Must have the color version, it is a tool for painting is used for color mixing, often with all sorts of color adjustment is to reconcile with it. Palette knife, he can be used to save the color of the waste and adjust the color more even, you can use a palette knife will be to make oil painting color on the color version. Next, you is to use oil paints in advance prepared canvas painting.
Painting space hundreds of painter, senior painter, also has an apprentice, if you want to learn more about oil painting reproductions knowledge can contact us.

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