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Mind Mingles What Are Guest Blogging Services And How To Earn With A Blogger Outreach Program?
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So what does guest blogging means, it's when you publish your content on other people's websites with a goal to increase exposure traffic increase brand awareness for your own website product or any service that you provide. Guest blogging is rather useful for B2B niche businesses than B2C niche businesses. The guest blogging industry is around 7 billion dollars worth industry that gives chance to content writers and digital marketers to write content for other websites and also get paid for that.
How guest posting is actually done?
Featuring your products and services on someone else's blog site is the whole agenda of guest blogging services. Traditionally it was done by advertising the products with an article on newspapers and magazines but now everything is through online blogging websites with a good audience outreach. E-Magazines and E-newspapers are well sources for guest blogging.
As a content owner, you need to find websites and influencers who you can pitch your deals and your ideas, so you can post on their blogger outreach website.
You have to find the correct topics that suit your needs so that you can get more exposure to your product or service.
You have to get approved by the website for your published content.
The guest blogging services provider side will back you up with a lot of backlinks to your website so that the exposure coming to their site will actually benefit you in the long run.
But the question arises, how to find good and useful influences to pitch your deal to?
  • First, you need to check the domain ratings, as there is no benefit of writing content for those websites that are having no audience engagement at all.
  • Secondly, do check their engage level matrix online, meaning how much audience exposure is actually coming to the website and reading their blog posts.
  • Next, you have to share content that their audience will value find the good topics find the right influences that suit your needs but they shouldn't be your competitors.
  • Above all, engage with your influencers. - Follow them on social media websites send, them emails, comment on their posts, also tag them on social media handles so that they know that you exist. After about reaching your influencer tell them how you can benefit them by writing posts for them.
These steps are also known as Brand outreaching. Content writers engage with brands and influencers via Blogger outreach program.
 Types of blog writing outreach programs
  • Paid promotions
  • Product reviews- send your products to the influences so they might promote your product in return.
  • Giveaways- to send to your influencer your product so they can give their audiences. This will help with your brand exposure. 

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