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Akshita Varma What Is ITIL® Exam Syllabus Format & How To Get Certified In ITIL® V4 Foundation
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Digital marketing has been highly demanding in the past few years. This has lead to the growth of many job facilities that are beneficial for the professionals as well as for those candidates who are just going to opt for a job. The IT department has been widely spread throughout the globe. This provides a vast range of opportunities for the people. Project Management has been developed too. This is being expanded by the Project Management Institute in the year 1969.


PMI is the world’s largest unremunerative community alliance that is used for the profession of project management. Project Management is the implementation of the activities, procedures, and understanding that are used to achieve the specific objective of the project. The primary aim is to achieve each and every goal of the project. There are many Certifications which a project manager or the employees working in the project management services opt for. These Certifications are very beneficial. One such Certification is the ITIL Certification.


The ITIL Certification stands for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This is an arrangement of ITSM applications which are utilized by some of the organization which is the most high profile in the world like the IBM, NASA, and so on. This Certification is possessed by the Axelos. There are a few reasons why a person should opt for this Certification, and if he or she opts, then how to achieve this Certification. There are many versions of the ITIL Certification. One such Certification is the ITIL v4.


ITIL Certification overview


The ITIL is a set of best practices used for generating and refining the ITSM process. This is designed to help the risks of business management, strengthen the relationship between the customer, and establish the practices that are cost-effective. This is raised as the sequence of books. This was designed to systematize the steps for the better management of IT. This helps the businesses in avoiding the common falls for the delivery of the best quality service that is available. This covers everything starting from service strategies to continuous improvement.


This enables to modify the base of IT services as well as prepare for the changes that are going to happen further in the upcoming future. This is highly eminent with the numerous practitioners who are certified around the world. IT practitioners are experts who focus on shaping the IT services development process. This can adapt to work in conjunction with the other practices, which include COBIT, Six Sigma. This is based on the collection of experts in the IT profession. The ITIL setup consists of five books. This focuses on the different elements of the IT service. The entire development of the lifecycle starts from identifying the requirements from both business and IT outlook, designing and creating the solution, delivering, and then maintaining the services is being covered in this certification. This provides a huge uplift to the satisfaction of the customer once the services or product is implemented. This is greatly functional for the business. This is obtained gradually through the base specialist and intermediate modules, which will help to certify the students to give exams and move to a higher level.


More about the ITIL Certification


The ITIL 4 Certification scheme is similar to that of the past ITIL 3 Certification scheme. This offers 2 main designation path with 7 modules that comes total between the Certification. For achieving this Certification, one needs to first pass the ITIL training foundation module. This covers the key concepts and the principles of ITIL 4! This is an entry-level certification. The ITIL is designed to teach the newcomers about the basics of ITIL 4 Certification. This is used to certify the seasoned pros that have foundational knowledge about how to move on to the more advanced Certification. The ITIL Foundation course takes place for two and a half days, that too inside a classroom. The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions, which are required to complete within the time period of 60 minutes, which means only 1 hour is provided. If a candidate wants to pass the exam, then he or she needs to have 26 correct answers out of the 40 questions. Self-study is mandatory for passing the exam with the practice of sample test papers and other study materials, which are provided by the Axelos. The ITIL MP Certification is made for those IT practitioners who usually works with the technology of the digital work, which is widespread across the organization. This basically covers all the knowledge that is necessary for running the IT project and teams which use the technical and practical skills. This module mainly covers all the essential service management techniques, service performance, and service quality and improvement methods. These modules aim at the ITSM practitioners who are responsible for the end-to-end delivery of IT services and products.


Advantages and benefits of the ITIL Certification


The advantages and benefits of ITIL have mesmerized almost each and every size of the organization, which has resulted in adapting the ITIL to their system management, which is also the reason why one is able to see many professionals opting for ITIL 4 certifications. Whether it is small, medium, to larger organizations across the world, each and every organization is using ITIL to improve their value of services. The ITIL is helping organizations across the IT industries and sectors to solve their business challenges and increases their IT potential. The ITIL works as an adviser for the organizations, which helps them to have progression in their process of functioning and applying those necessary system management services that can add utility to the business. The ITIL helps in getting faster, easily adaptable, and flexible delivery methods of the services, which makes the digital transformation flatten and suitable in nature.


The ITIL provides many improved strategic alignment facilities. This alignment becomes more effortless as the alignment is between the IT and the business. The incorporation between the software delivery application and the organizational customer service approach has been growing, which has become easy and smooth in nature. The ITIL enables the organization to provide better service delivery, and this increases the satisfaction of the customer. The cost sometimes moves downwards through the upgraded use of resources. This helps in getting intelligibility on the cost of IT and asset management, which is better in nature. With the ITIL, one can easily get the better management of risk in the business field, service that is troublesome in nature or even leads to the failure too. The primary organizations of the ITIL 4 service management infrastructure are the ITIL service value system (SVS) and the four-dimensional model. The service value chain of ITIL provides a replica that is flexible in nature and is used for an operation that helps in the creating, delivering, and continuous improvement of services. 


The primary operations of the ITIL SVS are as follow:


ITIL service value chain

ITIL practices

ITIL guiding principles

Improvement of the Governance that is continuous in nature.


The purpose of the four-dimensional model is used to stabilize the focus on the ITIL SVS following in a broad spectrum and effective method. The four dimensions that are followed are the organization with its people, information and technology, the partners with their suppliers, and the Processes, and the Value stream.

 It can be made very clear from the above-mentioned points that there has been a remarkable progression in the ITIL from the precursory repetitions. This improvement can be seen in some specific attention, which can be seen on delivering the services to more ample possibilities of value which is formed by the products and services that are delivered to the customer. The main objective of ITIL V4 is to provide a flawless adaptation from the investment of organizations that are already existing in ITIL, and the present methods that are used for functioning should be quick, flexible, and can be adapted easily for looming.




The ITIL V4 is the course that is provided not only to the IT professionals but can be used by the troopers of any stream. The service providers who are using the ITIL V4 is fully furnished with the properly capable models that are lined up with the strategies related to the business of the organization.

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