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Line Served What Is The Importance Of Books In Human Life?
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Books are of great importance in people's lives. It is always pleasant to communicate with well-read people, they are confident in themselves, they know the answers to many questions. Their awareness helps them to find topics easily and to have a relaxed conversation.

Many books are sources of ideas and inspiration. People draw invaluable experience from books, which will definitely come in handy in life.

I believe that books should be protected, they should not disappear from a person's life.

Essay on the Importance of Books
There is a widespread belief that reading books is useful and correct. But, I wanted to figure out for myself whether this is really so.

First, when meeting with a new reality in the book, each person imagines how it would happen in ordinary life. Imagination is connected, the reader becomes a co-creator of the book. The horizons are broadening. It is always pleasant to communicate with such a creative person, he has something to share. And this is not a replicated joke from the Internet or TV, but something unique.

Perhaps most importantly, a habit of thinking emerges. It is impossible to dwell on a certain number of books read. Our brain always needs intellectual work. You need to learn to process information consciously.

There are very few reliable sources of information in the modern world. The mass media are engaged in propaganda work without generating personal opinion. Analyzing the question of why books are needed, I came across a book by the American writer R. Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451".

The author describes a dystopian world of the future, in which absolutely all printed publications are burned because of their harm to society. The chief explains to the main character, fireman Montag, that they burn books to keep the person calm and happy. Thus, the state takes care of its citizens. One of the shocks of the hero took place when he saw that people were ready to sacrifice their lives in order to preserve the books. In one of the houses, a firefighter secretly takes several books under his armpit.

From this moment on, his life will not be the same. On the advice of another character, Montag searches the books for the truth of life. In contrast to the TV, which makes a person out of a narrow-minded creature, but with a worldview that is necessary for the government. R. Bradbury's book surprised me very much that such a world without reading is possible..

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