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Sujit  Kumar When You Should Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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The internet is rapidly changing, and trends come and then go. So, staying on top can be a difficult task. When it comes to marketing, it’s crucial to keep up with the trends and changes, no matter how tiring it can be.

While running a successful business, most owners forget to look for the signs of digital marketing efforts that need an update. Every business is competing daily; with more business entering the market, it becomes more competitive.

There is both the best and worst aspect of online business; best is your customers can form anywhere, worst is your competitors can come from anywhere. Hence, your business must create, implement and manage successful digital marketing strategies.

Read on as we covered the key signs that indicate your current digital marketing strategy needs an update.

Look for these signs to know when to change your digital marketing strategy

  • You’re falling in rankings

SEO campaign's primary objective is to increase your business’s website visibility. That means to rank it higher to make it visible to your potential consumers who’re searching for your offering.
Through successful SEO, a can achieve measurable success; however, strategies may fall over time and need an update over time. If not, your website’s rankings may drop permanently. Other than the trends, metrics such as conversions, traffic, and revenues may decline too.
  • Getting only traffic but not enough conversions

It’s time to start looking at your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) when your site attracts visitors but not converting. Through CRO, you can track your visitor’s behavior on the site, analyze it and make necessary changes to the site.
Even if you’re the team of best social media experts, developers, graphic designers, if your website isn’t generating leads, you may need to take a step back to look at what’s wrong.
With the help of CRO, you can find out what’s exactly wrong in the sales funnel. Later, after analyzing the results, you will know what to fix to save time thinking of the root cause.
  • You don’t have a coordinating multichannel marketing strategy

In case you have only one marketing channel, you may put risk on new customers and leads once the channel dries up. Also, if you have multiple marketing channels and you’re unaware of their compatibility with each other, it may result in marketing gaps.
That results in losing potential customers, sales cycle dropping, and communication through incompatible brand identity. Hence, you should focus on effectively communicating your brand’s value through multiple coordinating marketing channels.
  • Your marketing budget is going through changes

When doing business, your marketing budget isn’t going to stay the same over the years. Many factors contribute to changes to the market budget, such as sales, capital investment, wages, etc.
As the business grows and expands, that means the investment in marketing strategy must change too. If not, your digital marketing may be affected.
  • Marketing Trends have changed

Trends, especially marketing trends, don’t stay the same; today's trending may not trend after a year. You may focus today on Facebook, but if you’re missing out on Instagram, your growth in social media will never happen.
Hence, you must walk along with marketing trends, at the same time, update your sales and marketing strategy.
  • You’re achieving the targeted revenue

This is one of the most important signs that your digital marketing strategy needs a change or update. If you’re investing your money and time into your digital marketing strategy but still aren’t generating the targeted revenue, the strategy must be updated.
Without being able to measures the revenue results, blindly investing money into your digital market strategy can be very risky. In the end, you would eventually exhaust your budget or may take your business down.
Hence, when you experience such scenarios, take a step back and track whether your campaigns generate any results as per the target. If you have been investing money and there is no traffic and leads changes, take a different approach.
  • The Social Media campaign isn’t working out

One of the biggest mistakes brands make is to post content and wait for results when it comes to social media marketing. This approach isn’t going to generate any engagements; in reality, a brand should post content that resonates with its potential audience.
Every social media platform has its analytics, using which you can track comments, social shares, likes, etc., to know the engagement level. If you’ve taken the same approach, this is the time; you must make the change in approach.


When your business is growing, making, money, it's evident that you may oversee the digital marketing efforts. However, if your business isn't growing or is thriving, you should update your digital marketing efforts.
Your digital strategy will only be successful when you're keeping it up-to-date. Don't expect the same approach to help you with modern efforts; the market goes through frequent changes, you must change/update your marketing plan.

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