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Anastasia Overton  Artist
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Anastasia Overton is a contemporary artist based in Florida.

Early Life and Education

Anastasia is the sixth of seven children born to poverty in the Appalachian mountains of Georgia. She attended high school sporadically due to schizophrenic episodes.


Anastasia works primarily in watercolor, but also paints in acrylic, constructs modern sculpture and weaves textiles. She has done several murals for private customers. She painted the mural backdrop for the play “UMMU”, which was about mental illness, for the Across Town Repertory Theater in Gainesville, Florida. She also did artwork on the playbill for the Across Town Repertory Theater production of “The Vagina Monologues”. Anastasia painted the cover art for the book “And All That Implies”. She has worked and sold art in Denver, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia, Soccorro, New Mexico, and Gainesville, Florida. Most of her early work is lost.

Anastasia’s work is highly metaphorical and often abstract. Intermittent schizophrenic episodes from an early age have given Anastasia a unique perspective on life, relationships, and time. Her unique view of the universe is reflected in her work.

Anastasia credits John Pike ( as a primary influence on her style.

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