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Jay Gonzales  Artist
Jay has been creating art for as long as he can remember - a precious child who could already master some sketches as early as 2, long before he can clearly write down the letters of the alphabet. Needless to say, this inclination for the arts was evident throughout his school years, when he would be joining - and WINNING several school art competitions. "It just came naturally for me, he muses". 
He eventually took up formal training on charcoal and would use this medium to draw portraits, caricatures, landscapes, plants, animals and virtually anything that catches his attention. By this time, he already started having clients mostly through his friends, schoolmates, relatives, friends of his friends and others who have heard of his work. 
His skills as an airbrush artist were further perfected while working for AirArt Asia and Airbrush Asia where he earned the admiration of his employers and co-artist. This likewise paved the way for him to take his art a step further - as an independent artist. They apply airbrush on anything from shirts, motorcycles, cars, canvasses. But at present he is drawn into creating wall murals, using airbrush of course. "The wall becomes my canvass. It's much more challenging than doing smaller areas; and I love challenges. 
For his day job, Jay works as an Artist Illustrator (TESDA Certified) for the City Government of Manila, where he designs banners, streamers, logos and exhibits, combining his artistic instinct with his proficiency in Adobe Photoshop applications.
When he's not designing or painting, Jay loves to dance, sing, act and just talk to people. So whether it's fine arts or performing arts - he definitely has his fair share of talent to offer. "Art is my life, he humbly declares. And indeed, it shows in nearly everything he does.
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