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leslie genser  Artist
I draw and paint landscape and still life as a celebration of the beauty that I see around me.  I am drawn to specific aspects of my subject, such as the play of light on surfaces that define textures as well as the shape and volume of my subject. I use what I know of design to structure my images. I use my knowledge of paint properties and the creative process to produce images that present the initial moment of contact, the first impression, but then lead the viewer to move around within the form.
In the finished form, the specific details lead the viewer into the general truths. As one paints, one is creating generalities that will eventually lead to the specific. So the process that creates the image is a reverse of how the image will be perceived. Recently I have begun to look for the point at which the painting takes on its own life…independent of the model. I have also been experimenting with working from memory as a means of deciding what is most elemental about a form. In memory one goes for the salient details…discarding (or forgetting) aspects that are of less relevance.
I take a rather organic approach to graphic design as well. There is an order in page layout, whereby initial decisions influence later decisions. Indeed the further along one goes in designing a page or a painting, the more specific (and the more limited) one’s choices become.
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