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Lisa Phillips Owens  Artist
My goal as a traditional painter is to merge the contemporary world in which I am engaged with the art of the High Renaissance. My paintings are a combination of careful observation of the world around me and my imagination.  From the initial spark of an idea to the first line and on to the final layer, the creation of an oil painting is an intoxicating experience. I absolutely love it. The works I create are built of several layers of paint carefully manipulated resulting in a finished product that is true to real life while retaining the look of a painting. In a world where we are constantly bombarded visually my intention is to provide the viewer with something to take them out of the ordinary or to look at the ordinary in a new and refreshing way.

I am an instructor at the Pasco Arts Council in Holiday, Florida and my work has been on exhibition in singular and multiple venues. My works hang in numerous private collections across the United States and Europe.

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my work. If you are interested in buying one of my originals or commissioning a painting please contact me via my e-mail for more information. e-mail:

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