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Annotated bibliography Sample in APA 7th edition – 2021

If essay writing service want to prepare an academic document like an essay or a research proposal then you need the utmost expertise. You may have studied a subject titled Research Methodology, which specifically deals with research and writing. While writing such a document you need to follow proper guidelines advised by the academics. It is the only way to secure good grades or ultimately winning a scholarship for higher education.

At college-level professors love to give different assignments so that you can learn better. Among many annotated bibliography is their favorite as it enables you to find relevant data through literature review. There could be different citation styles to prepare an annotation and American Psychological Association or APA is one of them. This post will help you to prepare a perfect annotation by following the APA 7th edition guidelines.

7th edition APA bibliography

If you want to prepare an APA annotated bibliography then make sure you know some basic principles that are necessary to incorporate. The following steps will be helpful for you to write such an assignment.

Step 1: Analyze your sources

The topic is very important for your annotation so only find the relevant links or sources that would help you to justify your position. Each annotation should present the analysis of your source with a description or summary. It will also help write my paper to identify whether a particular source is helpful and relevant to not. In your description, you need to evaluate and examine the content, data, publication, volume, and author.

However, when you are overburdened with your assignments, you can ask someone to write my essay.

Step 2: Write descriptions

Descriptions of each source are very important as it tells the reader what a source says about your topic. Make sure to discuss the main points mentioned in a journal article with your critical evaluation. A good annotation should be at least one paragraph without any unnecessary details and succinctly describe each source. Writing a perfect annotation assignment could be difficult for a beginner but he has to complete the assignment one way or another. The best way to complete such an assignment is to hire a professional essay writing service so that you can get an exceptional assignment.

Step 3: APA annotated bibliography format

Your professors would give you some quick guidelines to prepare a bibliography but if they do not then simply follow section 9.51 of the APA Publication Manual. In general, terms keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • One inch margins from all sides
  • The text should be double spaced
  • The title of the page should be "Annotated Bibliography" in bold
  • on the references page, all sources should be mentioned alphabetically
  • The first line of each source should be left margin while the second should be indented to ½ inch
  • After the paired reference add annotation and keep them short

Following all these guidelines could be a lot difficult so save yourself from trouble and contact a free essay writer to prepare your assignment. Yes, it is true, some professional writers working only provide free guidance to prepare an annotated bibliography.

Example APA Annotation

Cahill, A. E., Aiello-Lammens, M. E., Fisher-Reid, M. C., Hua, X., Karanewsky, C. J., Yeong Ryu, H., Sbeglia, G. C., Spagnolo, F., Waldron, J. B., & Warsi, O. (2013). How does climate change cause extinction? Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 280(1750), 20121890.

In the above article, scholars have extensively focused on the effects of climate change and how it can jeopardize the existence of humanity. It is important to note that various other scholars have written on the same issue but most of them did not focus on extinction. Their main focus was environmental degradation and how it can be stopped. The article provides precise examples with concrete facts from the first ice age when many species went into extinction. But this time it would be a lot worse because in this case, humans would become extinct.

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