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2020 College Essay Topics for Students

If you are facing difficulties in choosing your college essay topics, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Many students appreciate the freedom of choosing a topic while few are comfortable on being provided essay prompts. For avoiding such a situation, many people rely on professional essay writing services at affordable rates.

However, if you are planning to undertake this task yourself, we are here to help you. We have prepared a list of some unique topics for your college essay examples. You can choose them as it is or can modify can according to your preference.

These include:

  1. My Self-Proclaimed Identity
  2. My Foreign Exchange Experience
  3. A Palestinian Hunger Strike Turns into a Purpose
  4. From Homeschool to the Football Field
  5. Any advice to an incoming high school student
  6. One thing you want to accomplish in college
  7. US President Truman decided to drop atomic bombs on Japan
  8. Pressure on women to marry
  9. The 19th-century origins of college essay writing service carols
  10. Smoking at public places must be banned
  11. Acquiring habits from family members
  12. History of child labour
  13. Most influential females
  14. Global and political perspectives as essay subjects
  15. Teenagers’ concerns
  16. Memorable meals
  17. Outdoor activities
  18. How you met a special person in your life?
  19. A person you admire most.
  20. The best place in the local area.
  21. A place where you would like to live your whole life.
  22. Works of art you admire.
  23. The job of your dream.
  24. Your biggest disappointment.
  25. Books that made a great impression on you.
  26. What annoys you?
  27. Your family traditions.
  28. Are you addicted to college essay?
  29. What modern songs inspire you?
  30. Could you live without money?

Choose from these topics to write a perfect essay for your college assignment.

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