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Lorraine Miller  Gallery

Discover and shop at Beads U Workshop. Explore our luxury Handmade Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Brooches, Rings and Hair Accessories achieved with traditional techniques from worldwide.

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  • The Roaring Twenties Jewelry - Handmade Necklaces
         1 month ago
    The Roaring Twenties Handmade Jewellery epitomized what it meant to be noticed. Flapper girls were all about the flashy, eye-catching designs and over-sized beads. Unique Statement Necklaces during this era were long and cascading, often made of beads, pearls and tassels. For the first time, women were more concerned about the decorative designs, than the materials utilized. Rather than expensive delicate necklaces, the flapper girls wanted necklaces over 20 inches long, or at the very least in   . . .  
  • What Makes Handmade Statement Earrings So Popular?
         1 month ago
    When you look at modern fashion, it is trending in some very interesting ways to match the culture of our society as our views and ideals change. As a culture, we are at a point where a few new trends are becoming popular, and fashion is rising to match. With the sudden interest in homemade products accompanying a rise to calls for action, we're seeing a unique side of fashion that is unlike anything that has ever existed before. The future of fashion is bold and organic in nature, and we ar  . . .  
  • The Roaring 20's Women's Jewelry - Handmade Earrings
         1 month ago
    The 1920s were all about going big or going home. The art-deco, Gatsby-esque jewelry is making a comeback, so prepare to see extravagant designs and lots of jewels. If you were on trend during the roaring twenties your ears would be adorned with long ornate drops, juxtaposed against your bare neck. You can never go wrong with dangling earrings in my opinion and Beadsu Workshop has plenty of flapper-style Handmade Earrings for you to choose from. Handmade Earrings Style Ideas… Wheth  . . .  
  • Creative Ways To Accessorize With Handmade Jewelry
         1 month ago
    The beauty of Handmade Jewellery is the fact that it's different from regular jewelry and stands out in a unique way. However, you need to be able to wear it right, wear it well and pair it with other fashion accessories as the need arises. It's no ordinary piece of art, so you will always have to be creative about it. But then, don't be bothered by the seemingly hard and fast rules of wearing jewelry. Focus on looking your unique best and just in case you're short of ideas, t  . . .  
  • Why We Love The Roaring Twenties Jewelry
         2 months ago
    Whenever society enters a notable new age, people get talking. The 1920's were known for their energetic commitment to looking amazing and partying hard. As the introduction of 2020 draws closer, plenty of people are getting excited about throwing back to the old days. This is why we are so excited to see the roaring twenties look sweeping the Handmade Jewellery world with fervor. As people look to the future of fashion, it is already apparent that the twenties will be coming back in full fo  . . .  
  • Top 10 Tips Of Best Beauty - By Beads U Workshop
         2 months ago
    1. Try Red Lips A slick of scarlet instantly takes any look from plain to playful. “But because red lipstick can bleed, fill in lips with a lip liner first, which will help color stay put," explains makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff who works with Alicia Keys. 2. Metallicize Your eyes Give eyes a gilded glow with a wash of shimmer shadow across eyelids, recommends makeup artist Trish Mcevoy. Mcevoy's Glaze eyeshadows in Crystal, a cool, sparkling white. Handmade Earrings 3.  . . .  
  • Artisan Made Jewelry Design And Why We Love Doing It
         2 months ago
    If there is one trend that is absolutely sweeping the fashion world, it is the concept of artisan made jewelry. This unique style of jewelry design doesn't only look great. It simply is of higher quality and has a lot to offer in terms of design and uniqueness. Artisan made products are created completely by hand and are an absolute delight to look at and wear. You'll love the way these pieces find a delicate balance between supreme quality and beautiful design. In the modern fashion wor  . . .  
  • Handmade Jewelry Techniques: Earrings - Beads U Workshop
         2 months ago
    Handmade Statement Earrings are a great way to accessorize your outfit. You can change your day look, to an evening look by adding only a simple pair of statement earrings. There are many types to choose from at Beads U Workshop and they all make great statement holiday pieces. Handmade jewelry gives your accessories that extra edge, making you feel fashionable and on-trend. Handmade Earrings Hoop Earrings Hoop earrings can update any wardrobe, adding a sense of fashion-flare to your da  . . .  
  • How To Accessorize In The Spirit Of Milan's Fashion Week
         2 months ago
    If Milan's Fashion Week is anything to go by, the time for bold colors and artistic outfits is upon us. This is what makes it such a good time to buy Handmade Jewellery. Most people think that only bracelets are handwoven, but the reality is that there is a wide variety of options when it comes to pulling together the perfect handwoven look. This exciting style of jewelry aligns perfectly with the love of artistic expression that we are seeing at Fashion Week because every single piece of ha  . . .  
  • The First Stop In Becoming A Jewelry Wizard - Russia
         2 months ago
    Beads U Workshop offers a wide range of options for customers who are looking for excellent quality while having the unique freshness in fine jewelry. Travelled across the world learning over 100,000 styles and techniques. With the combination of different materials, we make jewelry that highlight your unique personality. Whether it's fun and dorky or alluring and elegant. We cater for all kinds of charms and quirks that you may have. Handmade Necklaces Allowing you to stand out fro  . . .  

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