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Adriana Cota  Artist


My name is Adriana - born in Chihuahua and raised in Mexicali Baja California, actually I work in administrative positions in a public office.

Painting is one of my greatest delights; it always has been since I was a very young girl. It is a way for me to express my creativity and most of the times my feelings. As a teenager I was inspired by my mom, she had a little ceramic workshop and I usually use to help her to paint a little details in her creations. As a teenager I started to teach children the art of painting.

My work attracted attention and I was invited to participate in 1992 in a small collective exhibition in a local gallery (Mexicali city), it motivated to continue painting. I cant define my style I paint all the ideas that cross on my mind, some of them hasnt any meaning, I just only enjoy mixing colors and drawing lines that little by little become the idea that I need to express.

I have a wonderful experience painting a different murals in schools, some friends requested paint their children rooms and “I Love to do and never say no”.

I work alone and all my designs are original. My murals had been painted using latex and brushes. Most of them are done freehand, the large scale use grid. For paints I work using acrylics and oil painting.

Feel free to contact me:

Adriana Cota.

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