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Olenka Klug  Artist
Schweinegulasch When you host a server locally on your computer, you are going to need to run it all the time so that it remains active. Using the interface your host has provided, navigate to your server files. Hosting a server is not a piece of cake. With a Minecraft server hosted remotely by someone else, you can rest assured that your game will run smoothly without any lag or delay. Do not share the internet with other devices that may reduce your gaming performance while you connect to Minecraft servers. No reason has been given for tonight√Ęs Minecraft issues but it seems likely that servers are coming under extra strain due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The three defendants -- Josiah White, Paras Jha and Dalton Norman -- were between the ages of 18 and 20 when they created Mirai, originally to take down rival Minecraft servers with distributed denial-of-service attacks.
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