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Jacek Sumeradzki  Artist
Krzysztof Jacek Sumeradzki was born in 1960 in Mława, Poland. He graduated from post-secondary study of ads in Ciechanów. Member of "Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków Polska Sztuka Użytkowa" (Polish Visual Artists Association- Polish Applied Arts) in Warsaw and the Stowarzyszenie Pracy Twórczej (Association of Creative Work) in Ciechanów.


1983 - in the Zawkrzańska Land Museum (Mława, Poland)
1991- in Gallery "Gino" (Płock, Poland)
1993- XI Wielkopolska Regional Artistic Crafts Exhibition (Poznań, Poland)
1993- III nationwide exhibition of Jewelry, Sacred Art and Religious Items (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
1995- in the Zawkrzańska Land Museum (Mława, Poland)
1997- (Haldesleben, Germany)
1997- (Hundesburg, Germany)
1997- (Sonheim, Germany)
1999- "ARTBARBAKAN 99" (Warsaw, Poland)
2001- Swiss Pol Gallery (Wil, Switzerland)
2002- Diocesan Museum (Płock, Poland)
2002- in the Zawkrzańska Land Museum (Mława, Poland)
2008- in the Zawkrzańska Land Museum (Mława, Poland)
2011- Lievien Maison de la Polonia de France
2012- Lens Maison de la Polonia de France

Artist statement:

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” 
Vincent van Gogh

     The works that I create, are a reflection of my fascination with the man.In my art I attempt to thoroughly understand the human nature on multiple levels.  With special insight I give myself to the study of a woman. I am trying to portray not only the charm and beauty of her body, but to equally explore the secrets of the interior – her soul. In order to achieve this, I reach for both, aspects of womanhood based on the modern woman, with its multiplicity of roles and emotional views, and to those archetypes existing in the collective human consciousness, as well as to legendary characters, and finally fantastic or mythological creatures. This subject is endless and full of surprises. Enriched with the inseparable figure of a man, introducing a specific contrast, which is also for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
       Study of a man fascinates me and it goes well with my main medium – wood and its relation with other materials. It is the tree from which the given work arises that grants it specific qualities, shape and defines the topic itself. There is a special dialogue between me and the material I work with – during the individual stages of my work, it reveals more and more secrets to me. It cooperates with me, yields to my hands and my vision, but it also guides me on the right track of creation. The wood speaks to me not only with its shape, colour hardness or texture, but also with its distinct smell, type of graining or even my opinion, it achieves a great fullness of life in combination with other materials, especially with the Baltic amber, typical of my work. Being an integral part of the wood, formerly resin revives its colour and brightness, and also shows the treasures hidden beneath the apparent simplicity of wood.I achieve a similar integrity by using a petrified tree as a base. I do not, however, limit myself only to those materials as some features and aspects of a man call for the coldness and hardness of stone or the ethereality and clarity of crystal.
       In my work, I long for my sculptures to come alive, to make people enjoy their multidimensionality and strike everyone as warm and friendly rather than shocking and controversial. In nudity, I focus on the beauty and softness of the body using the delicacy of seccession rather than aggressive sexuality. In order to reflect the specific personality of a sculpture, I use additional decorative elements and attributes. For this purpose I use among others silver, copper, precious stones and crystals. However, while marveling at the act of creation, I cannot forget the essence of the craft.In sculpture, the artist has to harmoniously combine two planes like a tangible material stranded with the ethereal spirit, forming a perfect whole. A good example to that is Japanese – often considered art as a perfect craftsmanship.
      As an artist and craftsman I wish therefore that every viewer, have the opportunity to find in presented by me figures known or new areas of themselves or admiration for aspects valued in others. Sometimes I try to bring a smile, sometimes emotion and respect, and always- delight for masterpiece, which is every man.

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