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Rebecca Fitz  Artist
My name is Rebecca, I had my first interest in art when I was very young, and I have been Drawing ever since. Taking pictures to find unique angles and viewpoints is a passion of mine, I take my camera everywhere with me. I enjoy showing the world how I see things, and expressing myself through a simple piece of paper. I mainly like drawing my animals but I am trying to broaden my subjects. I hope you like my stuff.
Total Stars: 70
Member Since: June 2012


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  • The arting urge!!
         10 years ago
    Don't you love how like writers you can sometimes get artists block? I've had one for awhile and all the sudden today durring mass I got the urge to sketch!!! It drove me crazy, I lost focus in the middle of mass and that's all I could think about is shading, lighting and how fun it would be to sketch the inside structure of my church!!! It's like when I want to art I can't and it hits me to art in the most inopritune times. I sorta feel like a dork for noticing the roman arc  . . .  

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The arting urge!! 10 years ago


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